The feeling of being overwhelmed is creeping back tonight. I keep wanting to cry.

The biggest PITA is Rhett’s paratransit bus. I called on Thursday to schedule for the week, but was only allowed to schedule for the next day. I tried calling all weekend but got frustrated and confused. It SAID I could leave a message, but there was never that choice at the end.

Tonight when I let the message repeat, the second set of buttons to push had a choice for making an appointment….but after more than half an hour with hideous music playing, I don’t think there was anyone there to actually pick up. Now Rhett doesn’t have a ride to or from school. Grrrrr….

Friday is my pre-op appointment with anesthesiology. Ever since the D&C on the 9th of this month, I have a nagging sense of violation.  General anesthesia is some serious stuff. I always feel changed by it…and not in a good way. Then on the 4th is my hysterectomy. That’s scary. What will happen to me?

I am paranoid of mosquitoes and afraid of further impairment from other stuff wrong with me. From August to now has been tough to endure.  I want to be all better now!


OK….it’s morning and I am hyperventilating. I am trying to figure out how to take public transportation. I could take Rhett out to the bus stop, take a bus a few blocks, then get on the TRAX that goes to the airport…or I could maybe find out what bus goes right to the blind school. None of the route finders work on my phone. Seems stupid…but that’s UTA for you. It’s their convoluted rules that got me in this mess. I hope I don’t get TOTALLY lost. See you if I ever return…