I was reading through tonight’s news and found this article . When I saw the picture with yellow irises, I suddenly realized I probably look suspicious. Sigh…

I toodled all around Liberty Park. I went through there on my way to Sugarhouse and then along the park on the way home.

Great…fat old lady in a wheelchair zooms around neighborhoods, taking pictures of flowers and houses. I wonder if anybody thought I was casing the joint 😮

There was one pretty funny encounter. A guy walked over to his lawnmower in his driveway. He had a HUGE stack of mulch bags along the side of his house. I was daydreaming about the mulch when I realized he had just waved at me. He thought I had been staring at him, and was puzzled when I didn’t acknowledge him. At the time, it really cracked me up. I think he might have been a hunk. I only had eyes for the mulch :-p

Now that I read this story, just about everything could be interpreted as something other than an eccentric woman out for a power chair joyride. City living can be sooooo much more complicated than country living! I guess I will have to think about what I look like to others….something I haven’t worried much about for the last 57 years.