I have waited for months to be able to go back to the temple. I haven’t been since West Nile Virus hit. The wait for my wheelchair felt like FOREVER!

Thursday morning I packed my temple clothes and set off for Temple Square. It was a pleasant ride through the heart of the city.


The last time I walked around the outside of the temple was November 2011. That’s when Rhett and I flew to SLC for his son’s wedding. When LDS folks get married in the temple, it is called being sealed. Husbands and wives are sealed together for time and eternity…not just “until death do you part”. That November day it was snowing. Today was much nicer πŸ™‚


While getting ready to snap a picture of Hyrum and Joseph Smith statues, my cellphone rang. It was a nurse with many questions and instructions about my upcoming operation. I liked that these guys were there to listen and comfort me πŸ™‚

The grounds are beautiful with well tended gardens, statues and fountains.Β I could spend weeks at Temple Square…and still not see everything.

The North Visitor Center had a display of ancient Jerusalem, many paintings and the Christus. A missionary even offered to take my picture πŸ™‚


I was going to go on the garden tour at 11 AM, but it was raining. I went into the temple and did an endowment session. I was inside about three hours.

I got very, very tired and weak, even though I was able to go everywhere in my power chair. Temple workers were extremely kind and helpful to me πŸ™‚ But wow! The simplest things took every bit of my strength and concentration. It made me soooo happy to be back in the temple πŸ™‚

When I left Temple Square, I found myself at City Creek, a pretty ritzy city shopping mall. I quickly buzzed through the food court to see what was there. EXPENSIVE!!!!

I got home, cooked up some chili and baked cornbread. When it was still light out, I got in bed and truly thought I was feeling an earthquake. It was just my body going nuts from being profoundly tired and sore.

I am not allowed to take ibuprofen again until after my operation. The nurse advised me to take Norcos for the next few days. They do almost nothing to take away my full body pain. I am going to miss my 800 mg ibuprofens! It’s 2:30 AM and the pain won’t let me sleep. Sigh….I hurt bad, but it was a good day πŸ™‚