Last night I slept with no ice. I also got in bed right after posting and didn’t get up until Rhett’s watch went off.

When I got out of bed, it still hurt enough to make me cry, but I hardly screamed at all :-p

Standing by the bed and sitting on the toilet always get the belly drainage dripping….sometimes gushing. It seemed moderate this morning.

I put on clean underwear, a new quadrupled over towel, shorts and a t-shirt. Then I sat down to take meds.

I kept wondering if I had put on damp clothes. Then I wasn’t just damp…my belly was wet. I moved enough in my chair to check it out. In half an hour, I had soaked through the toweling and my clothes.

I came within a couple of gulps of air from fainting. The towel felt very slimy and moving it caused pain. OMG!!!

Once I got the drainage under control and I calmed down a little, I realized that clear slime was way better than yellow slime.

Slime is new. I hope it’s related to healing! Must call the clinic when they open.

Ohhhh…I soooooo don’t feel good….