Supermoon about to slip behind mountains

I think it’s self-defense when my concept of time is all out of whack.

Yesterday I went to bed early with body vibrating chills. I had 10 blankets piled on top of me. I even wore socks. I loathe socks.

I was miserable all night long with pain and gut issues.


Whenever Heather and the kids show up, I am instantly happier…but this morning was a tough nut to crack. Even Fletcher was suffering from a low energy level.

I was supposed to move to a care facility on Monday, but it was a big fiasco. It’s tough needing skilled medical care for the wound vac…..while wishing I never had to spend another night in the hospital. Sigh…

Wound Care came in to re-do my vacuum seal. Of course Heather took a plethora of gross pictures.  I am slowly, but surely healing. This will take months to close up my belly.