Sleeping the last few nights has been extra difficult. Each time I dosed off, I had terrifying dreams and experiences. I was lucky to sleep in 10 minute stretches.

I kept hearing dramatic music while seeing scary things from my past amplified. The faces of mean people would be right in mine. Sometimes I would call out for God or my daughter. Sometimes it felt like being at Disney World…with my whole bed vibrating and moving around like a thrill ride.

Each time I woke up terrified, I would ask the nurses or doctors what was wrong with me!?!? A few thought it might be my pain meds, a few said other people had talked about similar experiences after surgery. I just wanted it to go away!

Last night I fell asleep around 9 PM. Then I woke up at 6 AM. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Never was I so happy to rest and sleep. I don’t even remember any dreams. It was bliss 🙂

Here’s hoping that stretch of nightmares are over.

Now to focus on healing my belly. The wound vac sucks out junk trying to be an infection. I cannot see the underside of my belly, but I hear it’s looking pink and healthy where new skin is trying to grow.

I haven’t needed any more Lortabs and am now just taking oxycodone every 4 or more hours. I am impressed that bits of my strength are coming back 🙂 I can get in and out of the bed, chair, bathroom, etc with minimal screaming and groaning :-p

I feel better today. What a difference decent sleep makes 🙂