Last night I was in bed by 8 PM, slept until 4 AM, got up to take meds and slept again from 5 AM to 10 AM. YES!!!!!!!!!!!

But…the sad part is that Heather and the kids have already taken off for Portland. They had to be at the airport at 8.

When I got up, I realized I am profoundly alone. There was never a call about a new healthcare agency. If something goes really wrong, it’s just me and 911. No intermediaries.

I have to find the strength to do dishes and put them away. I have to feed myself and find a way to buy groceries.

The scariest is laundry. I wish I could hire someone to do that! Maybe I can put up a sign on the bulletin board?

Just now as I was washing my hands in the bathroom sink, I saw my belly in a new pose. I have no bellybutton. It has been cut in half. Out of the top of my underwear looms a big, black chasm, where I am cut in half. Very gross!!!

I have a fever and chills this morning, like every other morning. I had to stop and put my fleece robe on. Brrrrrr……

It’s already 90° out there at 10:30 AM. The high today is supposed to be 106°. Dang. My body is perverse….freezing despite the temps.

Today push comes to shove. No more sitting around being entertained and waited on. Heather and the kids have been life savers for me! Coming here for 2 weeks, staying in hotels, renting a car, buying food, etc was a lot of work and expense. I am very grateful to Luke, the father and husband who made it all monetarily possible.

I have been in some tough medical predicaments….and this one tops them all. My life is going to be full of pain and healthcare for months. If something goes too wrong, I am dead. Sigh…..

I forgot to write this yesterday. Even the wound vac company Rep had a hard time covering my humongous wound. After she got me all shrink-wrapped, she took the thing apart and did it all again. That was wicked bad painful and took most of yesterday to recover from.

The wound vac company was supposed to send a big box of supplies Friday. They never showed up 😮 Something had better happen! I need more canisters by Sunday and all the wound care paraphernalia by Monday. Scary!!! I need to go dig up their corporate number. YIKES!

Yikes is right. I just called KCI. My insurance company said there has been “an excessive use of supplies”. It took them until Thursday to OK the payment, so no supplies until Monday. Just great! Now what do I do? The cannisters relentlessly fill with wound juice….about every 12 hours. The one in the machine now has perhaps 4 hours until it’s full. I have 3 cannisters before I run out.

I am scheduled to get the wound vac dressings changed at 8 AM Monday. I doubt the many supplies needed will be here by then.

No one is at any of my doc’s offices. I left messages. This sucks big time 😦

I guess I had better keep trying to find someone “home”. And I need to quit crying!!!!