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The doctor gave me an hour…but it took a bit longer.

I noticed my temperature was 102.5° around 7 PM. The doc wanted me 100° or less in order to stay out of the ER. It took until 9 PM to get my temp down to 100.1°. When I was 100.3 a few minutes later, I started to despair.

I doubled my efforts. Two soaking wet towels and the fan on high. The whole 2+ hours, I poured cold water over my head.

A towel around my neck brought lots of relief. I realized that the area under my breasts was about on fire. I stuffed a wet towel there and periodically pulled it out to add more water and hold in front of the fan to cool. It took until 10 PM to get my temperature down to 99.7°. I slept for 3 hours and woke up at 98.5°. Then I spiked up again. I am back to the beginning, but seem to be winning the fever war…for now.

When I am cool, I can think and feel much less queasy. I am also making sure to take a Motrin every six hours.

Darn fevers! I still think it’s a miracle I am alive at all with my belly splayed open!!!