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Everything wears me out. Despite that, I can tell I am getting better. I can stand a few minutes longer, meaning the food I eat can be a touch more complex.

I can get in and out of the bed and the comfy chair without crying.  Well…at least most of the time 🙂

The local KCI Rep brought me 3 canisters yesterday. He claims he couldn’t open my door! Funny how the cop got in just fine. Instead of hanging the canisters on my door or bringing them to me, he gave them to my neighbor. Another neighbor went around looking for the canisters. They weren’t at the Resident Assistant’s and the woman next door wouldn’t answer her door. I called the KCI Rep back to ask for more details. He said they were next door.

I put clothes on, dragged my sorry butt over there with my walker and just kept using the knocker until she answered the door. It took a looooong time. The woman was saturated in smoke and totally out of it. She finally understood me and gave me what I came for. What would possess her to keep them about 20 hours? Why did the Rep trust a random person with medical equipment I desperately needed? I am not too impressed with either of them. At least THAT drama is over for now. Sigh…

Still no fever today 🙂

My phone is getting worse. It’s very, very hard to hold the cord just right to make it charge. It’s beyond temperamental.

Today has been a day to be awake a few hours, then asleep a few hours.

I have developed a new soreness on the left side of my belly. Maybe a pulled muscle? Breathing is harder.

Every 4 hours I still need narcotics. That stops up my system. I take 3 stool softener gelcaps each morning. Still a problem 😦

This afternoon I downed a cup of Miralax in fruit juice. This is a very unpleasant part of this whole process. It’s made worse because I am due for another rectocele repair. With all my muscles weaker than usual, my pooping muscles are also extra weak. Dang…it seems like a lot of my life revolves around relaxing enough, yet having enough strength to pee and poop. Never take these things for granted! Thank God every day that your body automatically takes care of business!

Little things can put quite the kink in life.

I hope and pray for strength and endurance. Sooooo worn out! But I am still chugging along.

Oh, oh…my temp is up to 99.3°. Time to get out the wet towels…..