I had a doctor appointment at 8 AM. First time I have gone to that clinic by public transportation. I was confused a little, but got there just fine.

Never met this doctor before, but immediately liked him. I almost hugged and kissed him when he decided I could stop taking anticoagulants.

He says my antiphospholipid antibody results are borderline….and I haven’t had any blood clots in awhile, so it was his opinion that we can see what happens.

I asked him why I usually have high d-dimer tests. He thinks it’s either one of my other diseases doing it, or that I just naturally have higher numbers. I wanted off anticoagulants so was glad to go along with his ideas.

The nurse came and did wound care. Dang!!! My skin is not looking good. Lots of red and raw patches. He made sure to put on skin protectant. My belly has hurt all day…before and after he was here.

I tried to nap tonight, but I am just too queasy.

I am reading a real good book called Finding Peace, Happiness and Joy by Richard G Scott.     

Got another get well card. Thanks, Ingrid!:-)