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I started reading this article and started suspecting MG almost right away.

Wow! Imagine people holding a fundraiser!!! It seems great, but boggles my mind.

Most of my experience being sick is an adversarial process. I have to keep fighting for treatment and most people couldn’t care less what I go through and how tough it is.

The woman in this article is blessed to have friends and relatives to rally around her.

Here’s where the cynical part of me comes out. Down the road, a certain percentage of friends and relatives will wonder why she hasn’t been “cured”, and why she isn’t all better.

There is no cure. Things get better then worse, often for no discernable reason. Even miracle treatments like IVIg have to be repeated monthly.

For most people with myasthenia gravis, it becomes a long, lonely, lifetime slog, with dwindling understanding and support.

I hope some of the people anxious to help this woman now will still be there for her years from now.

Sigh…chronic illness sucks.