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For breakfast I had a smoothie made from banana, blueberries, strawberries and plums…whirred up with the free Brown Cow yogurt.

While waiting for my nurse to stop by, I started working on lunch. Roasted Vegetable Minestrone . I used the 4 squashes I got…plus used a can of lima beans and a can of kidney beans instead of cannelini. I used 3 carrots diced and NO disgusting green beans! I have to grow them to like them. I also left out the pasta and only used Krazy Mixed Up Salt for seasoning on the roasted squash and mushrooms. I used McCormick chicken base plus water instead of chicken stock. Mmmmmmm…..roasting the mushrooms absolutely makes this soup! Yummy 🙂 Everything came from FNB, my church and the free table…except the chicken base that was in my fridge. Not bad at all. I have lots for the freezer and will keep some in the fridge.

You might think I feel better. Ha ha ha ha NO. I already had tears in my eyes just shuffling from the kitchen to the bed for the nurse. I said ow, ouch, shoot me, more than usual. I also cried…but at least it wasn’t sobbing.

The nurse said my blood pressure would be high from pain. He was right. 144/77. The good news is that my wound now measures 15×7 centimeters. He thinks it should heal shut sometime next month. It hurt really, really bad today!!!!!

I am such a wuss…..