Today was the first day our Ward moved to a new building. As you can see, it’s only new to us.


I haven’t got it all figured out yet, but there seem to be several buildings connected together. This was a bustling place in the old days…and it looks like we are doing our part to make it super busy now.

It’s nice inside. The LDS church has refurbished it. At first I was horribly allergic…stuffed up, runny nose, crud in my lungs, watery eyes. During the first hymn I used my inhaler. After 3 or 4 tissues, I felt better.

I had to pee really bad the last half hour of the meeting. Luckily people’s testimonies were so riveting, I was able to mostly forget that I needed to find the ladies room. I had to park my power chair, grab my wound vac and hobble down a short hall. Somehow I hurt myself in the bathroom…then I took a chunk out of my toe when I got back to the wheelchair. Sigh….

Also, several people were asking what was wrong or if I were alright. I am so predictable that it makes me mad. I smiled, thanked the guy holding open the door, got outside and started sobbing. I think I am crazy. At least no one saw me crying!

I am trying to figure me out. I had a fever this morning, my wound vac was stinky in church (but quiet!), I was allergic, the inhaler made me feel hyper and emotional, I hurt my butt in the bathroom, my toe was bleeding, and people were both helpful and curious. I felt overwhelmed and wimpy and defective.

One woman who has some tough disabilities testified that the Saviour loves us and cares about us. If there’s something we cannot do, His atonement covers everything after we do all that we can do. I need to understand that to the core of my being. I am guilty of feeling that I am not good enough. That’s a lack of faith and understanding on my part. Sigh….

There is no end to how much work is involved in trying to be a better person.

On the way to church I discovered a secret garden. I quick toodled around it. Check out Gilgal Gardens I cannot see the virtual tour on my phone….but I did get to see the real thing 🙂 It will be fun to watch the seasons change there before church on Sundays.