This is my wound with gauze stuffed in it. I change it about 3 times a day.


This shows the “raw meat” part of my belly wound. I have lots of questions about what it will look like when healed, and when that will be.

I am supposed to put Saf-Gel stuff on the raw meat part of my wound. It’s called hydrating dermal wound dressing with alignate. I tried to order some and it costs more than $20.

Whew! My nurse was just here and he’s going to charge it to his company. I was wondering how I could ever afford the stuff.

This morning I picked up my empty crockpot and got horrendous pain in my gut…so I went back to bed for 5 hours. Hopefully it won’t come back!

It seems that at some part of every day I am in agony and other times it’s just queasiness. I am sooooo ready to be whole and well again!