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By the time my nurse was done with me, it was after 2 PM. It was a gorgeous day and there was no medical equipment dangling from me, so I made a run for it.

This time I remembered to take my library card. I returned 3 books and took out 4. Then I learned how to special order a book. Volume 9 should be here shortly 🙂

Then I decided to go to the church history museum. They have been promoting their exhibit about Boy Scouts and Norman Rockwell paintings. I headed off towards Temple Square.


Wow! I could never get tired of looking at the temple and the grounds around it. Gorgeous!


I toodled around and around the square to soak in the atmosphere. It was very different from all those early Sunday mornings before church. There were lots of people! Everywhere I looked there were brides and their families.


I especially love looking at all the plants surrounding the temple 🙂

Then I went over to the museum. Good timing! After reading eight volumes of Work and the Glory, I felt more connected to what I was seeing. There was a real handcart, depictions of the pioneers, replicas of a wagon and berths on a ship. All my reading lately came alive!

When I found the 4th Ward chapel, I burst out laughing and just had to take a picture. I am in the 4th Ward. We don’t have our own building and are forced to wander from place to place. Now I know why…it’s in the museum! Someday I will have to find out more about the history of my ward.

Well, next thing I know, a museum volunteer comes over to me. I told her why I was laughing. Then she pointed out different bits of the exhibits to tell me interesting stuff.

For some reason, she asked about my wheelchair and my health. Turns out she was a nurse. We swapped a few stories. I told her about my baptism and a blessing plus some other stuff. She talked about my strong spirit and my faith. Got us both blubbering.

Then I went all around Temple Square again. I decided I wanted to see what Harmon’s was like. I get their grocery flier each week and am always astounded how expensive they are. Now I know why. Very upperclass. I liked the music 🙂 it reminded me of Austin, TX City Market, but 2 stories tall. Lots of yuppy types. I bought some bananas and mustard and hoped they knew what food stamps were :-p

By the time I got home, my wheelchair was going slow. I forgot to recharge yesterday and then did all that toodling around today.

My belly hurts and I am a bit droopy….but that was fun!!!!! I sooooo want to be all better now!