Going to the park to get free stuff from Food Not Bombs has been educational. They go to certain stores and pick up foods not fit to sell. Often it’s just cosmetic. Sometimes they are out of date, or soon will be. The cases of yuppy gluten free chips were discontinued, probably. Occasionally the food is truly trash…boxes of produce too slimey to even touch.

You never know if its going to be a fantastic or a mediocre day. That’s what makes it fun.

Last week I scored a Kashi frozen meal of sweet and sour chicken. I finally nuked it tonight. Those meals are expensive! I was very not impressed. Pretty much anything I cook tastes way better than that.

As a low income person, there’s not much in a grocery store that I buy. I zoom past all the pretty packaging and go for raw, fresh ingredients. I see people shopping for the expensive stuff and sometimes wonder what it tastes like. Now I know…and I am not impressed. This keeps happening.

FNB give-aways have helped me appreciate my own skills even more. Just because food is expensive doesn’t mean it’s tasty.
I couldn’t publish the above last night. What a rough night!!!! My belly hurts REALLY bad 😦

I feel pretty yucky, but made myself show up at the park for FNB. It’s in the 60’s and everything is wet. I didn’t even know we had rain. Lots of mud puddles on the way here.


Slim pickings today at FNB. I got 2 protein bars, a small bar of dark chocolate, a tiny carton of milk, 2 cups yogurt, box of No Pudge Fudge Brownie mix, a handful of ginger snaps, a package of lemongrass noodles and a bag of kettle corn. No fresh fruits or vegetables today.

I came home and have been feeling like heck ever since. Got in bed and read for awhile. I am definitely getting feverish. Crap! I look like heck, too. My abdomen is getting exponentially worse. I hate to think what’s wrong still…or this time. Sigh….