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I was miserable all night long. Fever up to 99.9 and suddenly quite a bit more belly drainage that’s yellow. I think the problem is both my belly and my intestines. I have a doctor appointment at 4 PM. I knew I should have called yesterday, but I felt too sick :-p

Desert living is sure not what I am used to. We went straight from 100 and high 90’s and the temps got cooler fast. I am sure it must be snowing up in the ski areas. As I write about 1 PM, it’s 52 degrees and raining. That feels darn cold after the very long, very hot summer.

My MG is acting up again. Not only am I incredibly weak, I am SOB, my eyes are way drooped plus I have been having problems with swallowing and choking. I am having a hard time being patient with my health. I just really want to feel better!

OK…back from the doctor. He said he has thought about me a lot since I was there last. He thinks I might be getting c-dif. I told him I had that 3 or 4 years ago after clindamycin. He looked even more worried. It didn’t help that the main nurse said I looked really sick!

I was supposed to go from the doc to a lab, but I didn’t. I got my skirt stuck in the power chair wheels and it was raining. I felt too yucky to keep going. Came home and put on my warm fleece PJs. I will go tomorrow, more prepared for the weather.

I was surprised how much the left side of my abdomen hurt when the doc poked at it. Right now my head hurts at least that bad 😦 The doctor threatened to put me back in the hospital. Geeze…I am not looking forward to tomorrow’s results. Either way is bad. If it’s not c-dif, I have some other mystery infection.

Always something….