Saturday is still cool and breezy, but the sun is out and the sky is blue. After a few days of gloom, it’s absolutely fantastic!

I started writing a very long blog post, and decided to keep those thoughts to myself. I realized that even mentioning what I was thinking was both unChristLike and gave evil a toehold.

I was so caught up in writing that I wasn’t aware of time. I had to quick pack up and head for the park. It was a good day for FNB food 🙂

Then I went to Smith’s grocery, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and the Asian market. TJ’s has the cheapest kefir and WF’s was just to gawk. I hadn’t been to the Asian market since May! I got some frozen buns for steaming and some bok choi. A lot of zooming around for not that much food. I was just excited to be only mildly ill on such a nice day!!!

I am coming to a crisis point for clothes. I need new skirts. I only have 2 suitable for cool days and they are becoming threadbare. I am constantly on the lookout for plus sized long skirts at Deseret Industries, but in a year I have found none. I only wear skirts. I don’t even own a pair of pants.

Because I go everywhere in my wheelchair, I need very long skirts that will cover up my legs. My preference is for full a-line sort of skirt. Maybe I could sew a couple. If so, I have to find a pattern AND get my sewing machine serviced. I miss sewing.

I haven’t tried shopping for a skirt lately. Any recommendations for someplace with cheap and simple clothes? It pains me to buy new stuff….but hopefully new clothes would last a long time! The last 2 I got at thrift stores were thin gauze and ripped constantly.

I have been having a hard time uploading blog posts. Day after day it says FAIL. I try a few times and give up. Not having a decent cell signal in my apartment is a problem. Saturday in the late afternoon, I went over to State Street and sat in the sun within sight of the cell tower so I could download the apps for Pandora radio and the Mormon channel. I was trying to listen to the LDS Relief Society conference. It was patchy. It would have been easier to GO to the building than it was to hear online. I have to figure out a reliable way to hear General Conference next week. The old clock radio I got from DI last year doesn’t tune in stations very well. Why is technology so challenging and fickle?

Speaking of challenging and fickle…what’s up with all my joint and muscle pain ? First off I am so weak that moving about is a challenge. Then when I move, the pain can be almost unbearable. That’s on top of the belly pain that makes me cry. Whatever it is, my body is fighting a huge battle.