My neighbor knocked on my door early this morning. I knew it was the woman I pay to do my laundry, but there was no way I was willing to answer the door. I wasn’t dressed and I was wicked bad sick to my stomach.

Sigh…I forced myself to take a shower and get dressed. I needed to go to the bank for laundry quarters and to get a $10 bill to pay the woman. The whole way to the bank was extremely uncomfortable. I again was afraid of being sick from both directions.

On the way back to the apartment, Deseret Industries caught my eye. It was quite the internal debate as to whether I should go home and feel like crap or stop at the store on the way home and feel like crap. I really wanted to look for a sturdy bag to carry my things in on my wheelchair.


I found this brand new bag for $2. Then I came home, looked up and discovered they cost $90 online!!!! Wow.

I also found a big, rectangular burgundy shawl for $3. It is sooooo soft! I love it 🙂 Because it’s so fluffy, it is also both very light and toasty warm.

Staying warm is a big theme right now. Last year I needed and got a coat and jacket. Now my conundrum is that I am no longer walking, I am sitting. That changes everything. I need a way to keep my lap and legs covered and warm. I have been Googling wheelchair clothes and found a polar fleece lined poncho that is also waterproof. I need to find one of these at DI 🙂

Oh my gosh! I got up to do something and when I put the shawl back on me, I discovered it has a tag. Kennebunk Weavers. They cost $60 to $80. What a nice find. I am glad I went to DI.

I have been trying to find warm gloves or mittens online. I have checked out battery operated ones and ones that hold hand warmers. Keeping my hands warm has been a lifelong battle. I have to be able to work the controls for my power chair while also keeping warm. The leather gloves I am using now aren’t helping much. I will keep searching.

AND….while doing all this writing and researching, there was a knock on the door. It was a mail lady with a package. I got the purple thermals 🙂

Well…I don’t feel well, but I did well getting outfitted 🙂