All night long my hernia was puffed out and the stressed part of my wound was bleeding. Whenever I turned over in my sleep, the pain would wake me up. At 5:30 AM the stomper went nuts, going back and forth, to and fro. So much for sleep 😦 Today I will submit a very formal complaint. Her noise between 10 PM and 7 AM is a lease violation. I miss sleep. My closest downstairs neighbor can hear her, too. The manager has talked to the stomper. At this point I think she is actually trying to be obnoxious.

OK. I just wrote a 2 page letter to management. I hope it makes a difference. I am sooooooo tired! I liked Doug, my upstairs neighbor in the NY Adirondacks. He was almost too respectful. He actually tiptoed around in his socks! He exuded niceness. The woman upstairs here exudes malevolence. It makes a big difference which vibe is given out.

Promptly at 8 AM, a group of guys came to rake and blow leaves around. The gas fumes came in here as if my window was wide open. I had a sneezing fit and blew my nose for an hour. Back to what my Vermont doctors used to say…I must be a visitor here from a different planet. The atmosphere here is not the one required for my optimal breathing. Instant headache and swollen lymphs 😦 How come other people are OK and I’m not? Whoa…that’s hitting the nail on the head.

I went to FNB in the park. Used the strawberries for my morning smoothie. For lunch I made a grilled ham, cheese and avocado sandwich with the seedy bread.


I took a 2 hour nap to make up for my lack of sleep and then toodled over to church. I am supposed to have a meeting, but so far I am the only one here. Brrrrrrrr…been sitting outside with temps in the 40’s for almost half an hour, and it took me about half an hour to get here.

Yes! People really did show up 🙂 On the way over, I stopped at Trader Joe’s. No strawberries for sale. So, after leaving church I went to Sprouts where they had plenty 🙂 When I left Sprouts, I put my headlamp on and set it on blink. It was almost dark. I zigged and zagged and was very surprised to find a Big Lots! I went in to look around. One thing I have been looking for are just the right Christmas decorations for my little tree. I blew $8 on 10 clay ornaments. I like them 🙂


I got home just as a bunch of people were pulling in the apartment lot. There had been a free Thanksgiving dinner and the governor was there serving. I wish people got all excited and nice and put on dinners for more than Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a year of drought and then drowning in choices. When us old folks got a sparse monthly food box with less than yummy food, it would have been nice if somebody cared then. Just sayin’…..

My hernia has gotten waaaaaaay bigger. I took several pictures, but nothing shows it as dramatically as the way I see it . The hernia side is puffed out about 4 times bigger than the other side….and it HURTS!