It was the most stuff I have ever seen up for grabs at FNB. It was also the greatest number of people I have seen at the park.

I didn’t even have enough room in the freezer for all the bread products. I ate the chicken, nut and dried fruit salad for lunch, with a cherry turnover. The bananas almost filled a gallon ziplock bag for the freezer. I have all my smoothie ingredients for a few days 🙂

The bummer was being woken up by stomping this morning. The 24 stomp-free hours the day before had been heavenly. I am still tired from fractured sleep.

TV sucks today. I wish it didn’t hurt my head so much to read. It seems that more people than not who live in this building are sick right now. Most of my pain at the moment is from my belly wounds, but my head is a close second.

I am soooooo frustrated by some of my neighbors! They moan and groan about not having enough to eat, yet don’t come with me to get free food. I hear it week after week. What possesses people to not help themselves? Some have cars, some have power chairs, others are able bodied. It reminds me of my homesteading, unschooling and traveling….people with better health and more resources than me would say it was their dream, but always had an excuse for not pursuing it. Makes me crazy!!!

Then after listening to several complainers, I came back to my apartment to hear a nearby couple swearing and yelling at each other at full blast. What the heck? I have never heard so many mean things aimed at others in this place as I have in the last couple of weeks. It’s like a spreading infection. Most complaints aren’t even very substantial. Holidays stress people out, make them depressed and sick. A bunch of people are hospitalized and some are in mental wards. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention last year????

I have been listening to a Lawrence Welk Christmas Special as I loaded the dishwasher and vacuumed. I still can’t get over that I like LW now. As a kid I had to listen if I was at grandma’s house. It was mildly annoying then :-p

To all, good night 🙂