My nurse texted that he was bringing me gauze and gel. I got dressed and went out to the apartment building’s common spaces. I was talking to three of my favorite old guys until another man came along who gossiped and made fun of one person after another. I went and sat by the fireplace in the community room, even though it wasn’t going. Soon I was surrounded by women. All together, I waited for the nurse and sat out there talking for 3 1/2 hours! He never did show up.

I had to go back to my apartment to blow my nose and drink some water. I decided to also fix some food. In the middle of that, one of the women I had been talking to tracked me down. It was actually hilarious. We are the two people most alike here. We both have a boatload of autoimmune diseases but, we are two of the smiliest and friendliest women šŸ™‚ Neither of us could stand without swaying all over, clutching furniture and holding onto the walls. We aren’t too fond of being wimpy, but it’s a hoot to be doing it together!

She left and I ate 2 or 3 bites of my dinner when a guy in a wheelchair rolled in to see me. He wants to go to free food in the park. I was able to almost finish eating when Sharon wheeled in. She’s the one who did Thanksgiving with me. We talked quite awhile when my next door neighbor came to the door with a box. UPS came while I was sitting in the community room, so she kept it for me. Both women watched as I opened the box and took out a wheelchair armrest organizer and Michael Buble CD. I told them they were presents from an online friend. It was like Christmas for them, too. Both decided to get their own organizer for their chairs.

I was sooooo tired! Crawled into bed and conked out until around midnight when the stomper woke me up. Well, the quiet was nice while it lasted. Then I woke up at 4 AM in need of meds. There was a message on my phone saying a neighbor had left me some carrot salad at my door, but she figured I was asleep, so she called my neighbor to put it in her fridge overnight. Here we go again šŸ™‚

The forecast for the next two days is a high of 50 degrees, then the three days after that will be snowy. I never even went outside Friday. I had better enjoy the weekend weather while I can.

I miss sleep! Now that the stomper is back, I had better learn to catch zzzzz’s when I can. She will be up soon. Night, night…..