The woman upstairs was still stomping at 11 PM. Somehow I finally fell asleep anyways. Lucky for me, her first morning to stay home, she didn’t get up until after 7 AM. But….she spent the next 4 hours being a nutcase.

My TV kept going off and my chair was vibrating. My stress level was going through the roof. I wish my stressed self could go smack her! It would only feel good for a minute and I would feel guilty for life, so I won’t do it…..but…..

After enduring her yesterday and then today, at first I went numb. I just sat and stared straight ahead. I couldn’t even cry. I gathered together my resolve and got dressed. I got in my power chair and opened my door to go talk to the apartment manager. He was just walking by. I briefly told him what was going on and he hurried off to a different crisis. I came in and sulked.

The manager said he has already talked to her several times. She said she is hardly ever home, so I must be hearing the elevator. Soon I was feeling rage. I went back out to talk to the manager just as he was going by again. Interesting. In the last year and a half we have never bumped into each other like that, and it just happened twice. We talked in the hall and he led me back in my apartment.

I went into major tears. I told him that I never get to sleep a whole night any more. I told him how frazzled that makes me feel. I told him about her hurting her dog yesterday morning, then locking it in the bathroom. I told him that her anger is palpable in my apartment and that I feel violated. I cried. I cried a lot. He offered to move me. I suggested he move her to another planet! He PROMISED he would do more and he will write her up as a lease violation. I will believe it when I experience peace and quiet.

All morning I have been making pumpkin butter. I used 5 cans of pumpkin from the free table plus some sugar and spices.


I cooked it in the crockpot, then filled all of my saved glass jars.

Glad I had a distraction. I wonder what’s going on now? The upstairs door got slammed loudly and now it’s quiet. I don’t understand why the guy keeps her as a girlfriend. I have heard him telling her it was over in the past. I would way rather be alone than live with evil. If she physically hurts him, as I suspect, I totally don’t understand. He could get home health to help him with things. The whole situation sucks.

I think I am going to quit praying that she gets happy, and instead pray that she goes away.