I love the feature on my iPhone that shows the current temperature of a list of cities I chose. Just now it was 28 degrees in Portland, Oregon; SLC, Utah and Burlington, Vermont. Earlier this week it was way warmer in VT. It was warmer in Calais, VT than Quartzsite, AZ a few days ago. Now Quartzsite is a balmy 61 degrees.

I was just thinking about the last time I drove to Florida. The cold chased me all the way south. The first night near Lake City, FL was gorgeous and warm. The next day it was snowing. I just kept going until I got to the Everglades! Then we had a frost there.

Today it started snowing here again. The forecast calls for 2-4″ in the Salt Lake valley. I have hardly been outside this week. Today makes three missed food give aways. I am not liking eating. Anything I eat bulges my belly out so that I am miserable.

I didn’t wake up until 1 PM today. Ironically not because it was quiet, but because I was so sick. The nutcase woman upstairs has been frenzied…going to and fro, dragging heavy objects and repeatedly dropping them. Today she made up for any quietness the day before.

When my nerves were shot from the battlefield upstairs, I took my cellphone and glasses and went in to the dark and empty community room. I wedged myself in between the tree and fireplace, behind some big chairs. Solitude lasted maybe 3 minutes. Soon I had 6 people crowded around me. Sigh…as soon as I could politely extricate myself, I fled back to my apartment.

I have been thinking up ways to cook up the 3 bags of potatoes I have acquired. I peeled and quartered a big potful. Then I made a batch of creamed chipped beef from the food bank and put it on some diced potatoes from FNB. After eating a bowl of it, I fried bacon from the nice people who came to visit and made corn chowder using the rest of the potatoes and 3 cans of corn from the free table. I haven’t had any yet, just put it in the fridge for later.

I miss fresh fruits and vegetables, but not enough to go shopping. It’s 1 mile to Smith’s, 1.6 miles to Sprouts and 6/10’s of a mile to the Asian market. I hope I feel well enough to trek 1 1/2 miles to church through the snow and cold tomorrow. My guts are soooooo not happy again 😦

I got a copy of Codependent No More in the mail today. It seems like the bazillionth time I have read it. I grew up with an alcoholic mother. My first long term live-in relationship was with an alcoholic and drug abuser. We were off and on for 5 years. It was insane. I joined Al-Anon and ACoA. I went to counseling for years.

I was smart enough not to pick another substance abuser after going through that hell. I just found other ways to be codependent. Each time I think I have learned my lessons, I find a new way to screw up. I wish there weren’t so many ways to make mistakes. I hope I really can get older and wiser.