The new home health nurse was just here to tell me that insurance refuses to pay for wound care. She says my wound “will never heal” as it is because of the way the edges are curling in. She suggested I go to a wound care clinic.

I have had a rocky relationship with the folks through my surgeon. Remember when his office refused to help me when pathology said I didn’t have cancer after all? What a fiasco! They made me go to the ER for wound vac dressing changes, then several home health care agencies came and fled, then I went to the clinic a block from my place a few times, then my friends dragged in Chris the Nurse who stuck with me until insurance quit paying him. Then I got this company that insurance won’t pay.

So, not knowing what else to do, I called back the surgeon’s office that started this whole mess. The woman who answered said she will make some phone calls on my behalf. Now it’s wait and see.

It figures that something new is wrong with my wound today 😦 The gauze was sopping wet and yellow wound juice had soaked into my clothes and was running down my leg. So much for getting bandaged up so I can go to the temple.


Geeze….it really hurts to breathe. I don’t feel so good…..