No way did I have the energy to shop yesterday. I was thinking about maybe today, but I feel like crap. I feel like I am going to barf every few minutes. I hope it’s just too much excitement and not some bonus sickness.

The senior missionaries are getting me a food order and will bring it to me on Friday. I will get a cabbage, onions, tomatoes, apples, bananas, in season fruits and vegetables, a hunk of cheddar, 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup, a jar of salsa, peach jam and a can of turkey chunks. I am very, very grateful. Even better, they put my name in at the temple. I can use all the prayers I can get.

In the middle of my phone conversation, the woman who does my laundry came knocking. It will be nice to have clean clothes. Everything has the weird sweet smell of my belly wound. Yuck.

I have food in my cupboards, I just need to find something that doesn’t make me feel queasy and cook it.

Argh! When I bought garbage bags last week, I meant to buy more Metamucil. I hope I have 2 days worth left. Maybe I could convince my neighbor to get me some when he goes. I should also try to find out more about the van that takes people to Smith’s once a week. And…I really should make an appointment to apply for the door to door wheelchair transportation. Going places in snow with the power chair is proving difficult. Must get motivated!

I got a mystery gift in yesterday’s mail. A scarf 🙂 Thank you secret friend!

I just looked at a calendar and found out that Christmas is in a week. My, how time flies! Many people in this building are leaving for a week to celebrate somewhere else. I guess there will still be a few of us loners still around. After New Years I have a full schedule of not fun tests to look forward too. Such is the life of a sickie. It’s a full time job to be disabled. Time for a career change! IVIg would be a good start 🙂