I went outside to take pictures of the snow. Then I talked to the maintenance man for awhile. A woman wandered over and joined us. She recently had a couple of TIA’s, often called mini strokes. She said she is applying for Medicaid. I told her I didn’t think she would be eligible since her husband is on SS retirement, she makes $1000/month and they don’t pay for housing. She got ripping mad because she thinks she deserves free healthcare. Then she went into a long rant complaining about people who get food stamps and use it for drugs and alcohol. I said I thought that was a pretty small percentage of folks getting help. Then she went rabid, declaring that we should all get drug tests to be able to get food stamps. She was on a roll. Everybody else is undeserving but her.

I said fine, then bankers should be required to get drug testing before being bailed out. Geeze, the major banks are all into money laundering and predatory lending and fraudulent foreclosures. Funny how there are totally different standards for the very rich and the very poor!

She huffed off. I burst into tears and told the maintenance man that all my life I have had the finger pointed at me for what’s wrong in the world and why the country is going bankrupt. It’s a bunch of bullshit!!!!!

This happens with all the Republicans or well to do people I personally know. They think poor, disabled folks aren’t trying hard enough…but when they, themselves get sick or their children or grandchildren are born with a disability or come down with a life threatening illness, they are the first to wonder why government assistance is so meager and hard to get. And they ALWAYS insist that they are more worthy while everyone else isn’t.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh…….soooooo sick of hearing the same old self-righteous crap over and over again! The woman who claims to need disability has been out driving, shopping and doing stuff every single day! Nobody here drags home as many material goods as they do. Makes me sick.

At least the snow is pretty 🙂 We are supposed to get a bunch more snow starting tonight.

I shouldn’t let idiots get to me.