This is me buckled into the Paratransit bus, on my way to get evaluated. It really hit me that I don’t go anywhere but the hospital and grocery store. I got to see places that I haven’t seen in a year.

The whole trip turned out to be a lot more emotional than I ever imagined. During the interview she wanted to know ALL of the things I have been diagnosed with. She wanted to know why I hadn’t written them all down. I told her that would take a whole sheet of paper. I dragged out my summary card of diseases, meds, operations, etc. She poured over it and wrote things on her clipboard.

Then I was taken into a room full of ramps and a BIG bus. Me and the chair got weighed, then we did obstacles and laps and rolled on and off the bus. She put a sticker on my chair, so it’s now certified.

I got my picture taken for an ID card. Soon, it will come in the mail and I will be able to take TRAX and the bus for free. Paratransit rides are $4 each way. Ouch! I was told that might sound expensive, but it costs them about $40 per trip. Geeze!


I was home by 10 AM. Between the physical and emotional toll, I feel yucky. My eye shouldn’t be so drooped already!!!

Of course I ended up in tears a bunch of the time. Both women really pushed me to talk about my day to day difficulties. In real life I don’t talk much about how hard things are. Usually I am doing my darnedest to be “normal”. It was incredibly hard to admit to myself and them how much I go through, how incapacitated I am for days at a time and how little I do because of pain and fatigue and dizziness.