Brrrrr…below zero again in NY and VT. But…..we have a very yucky temperature inversion here in Utah. It bothers me the most at night and early morning…or if I go outside at any time. Tomorrow the air will be considered dangerous for all people. It sure has been wreaking havoc here in this building all winter.

As I sat in the lobby yesterday, waiting for the vet, almost all people coming through the front door were struggling to breathe. Several folks had to quick sit down and catch their breath the second they got inside. Yuck! One woman I watched rushed back out to Quick Care since she got so sick while out and about.

I was feeling so weak and sick that I crawled back in bed and slept for 5 hours this morning/afternoon. I hated to take the CPAP and oxygen off! I went out in my power chair to get mail. Got so dizzy that my voice quit working.

I talked to the manager about all the dog crap outside and the piece of crap upstairs neighbor. The dog crap people have been issued lease violations and will have to move out. They are people who have no excuse…they can bend to pick it up just fine, but refuse to. The manager says the stomper keeps saying she is going to move out. Too bad the only thing she takes action on is stomping and throwing things, not improving her life. I miss being a hermit!

I was going to call my close-by doctor today, then slept instead. The stomper ruins night time sleep 😦 Maybe tomorrow I will call. I need to have the doctor check my belly and get more supplies. Only one roll of gauze left and a little clear gel. I have been stretching my gel supply by alternating with scar cream and bag balm, but it’s time to get more stuff. The top crack in my belly has been bleeding a lot this week. I don’t think I talked about what the last visiting nurse did. She left me iodine cream. I am allergic to internal or external iodine and it’s written all over my records. Good thing I read the label before using. Reminds me of the day my port was implanted. I was wearing a bright orange bracelet that a nurse put on me saying I was allergic to penicillin. As I was being put under, I looked up to see a bag of penicillin on my IV pole. I still had enough brain power to squeak and point to my bracelet. Grrrrr…

Oh, and speaking of grrrr…the stomper just came home. My chair and the floor are vibrating. I often wonder how stomping that hard is physically possible without breaking bones.

Hmmm…some of the CVID folks got talking about EBV…Epstein-Barr Virus. I had really bad mono in my 20’s. That’s when my liver and spleen started swelling up and I got jaundice. At least 10 years later I still had EBV #s pretty high. As people talked about their experiences, I decided to read more about mono. Only 50 out of every 100,000 people get it. Figures I am one of them. My past is getting more and more interesting. It seems SOOOOOOOOO obvious, knowing what I know now, that something was wrong from birth on. Instead of it being diagnosed or fixed, I was blamed for being sick all the time. Not nice!

The not nice upstairs neighbor has been light on stomping this evening. I keep hearing heavy things being dragged around. Its not easy to stomp and drag :-p I can only hope she is moving.


Olive hasn’t totally forgiven me yet for the vet visit. Sometimes she must forget, so she comes and snuggles for awhile πŸ™‚