The stomper was up and stomping from midnight to 1AM, then started again at 6:30 AM. It doesn’t help to have the CPAP and oxygen machines right by my head to provide white noise. The vibrations wake me up. I went to the manager in tears. How come she isn’t in more trouble? He said he would talk to her again. He also said he should know by Friday if the handicap apartment will be up for grabs soon. He said they will be putting in the same sort of plank flooring as in the common area. YES! I hate wall to wall carpeting. I could just use smaller rugs if I need them to keep my toes warm. And, he assured me there is a dishwasher in that apartment. Now that I have embraced that technology, I really like it 🙂

You know what else is great? The manager is going to buy draft stoppers for each smoker’s door. I got one as soon as I moved here to try to isolate me from the smoke. Now the people who smoke will have to marinate in their own toxic chemicals. Yes! As my visiting missionaries noticed, thanks to the draft stopper and my salt lamps, there is a world of difference between my apartment and the hallway 🙂 Too bad I couldn’t do that in my NY apartment! There the smoke came in through my closet.

After I got up, I had to rest a couple of hours before I had enough strength to cook breakfast. Then I got wicked bad cramps and pains around my left lung. My heart rate was still up over 40 beats once I sat down. Breathing is such an integral part of life. I wish it wasn’t always such an issue for me!

I rested a couple more hours and took my first shower since Sunday. It was difficult. I struggled to put clothes on. My left lung felt paralyzed again. It was soooooo hard to breathe 😦

Then I come back to my comfy chair and it’s snowing like crazy. Huh? Last time I checked the temperature, it was 50 degrees! When the noon weather forecast came on, they said a cold front just came through. Dang! It’s 34 as I am writing and will be in the 20’s tonight.

The snowflakes were humongous, sometimes coming down as snowballs. Olive went nuts. She crouched at the window and would meow and jump up on the window, trying to catch the big ones. I couldn’t get a pic of her jumping. Each time the camera clicked, Olive would come look at me, instead :-p


So, I rested another couple of hours from the last exertion and cut up vegetables to put in the rice steamer. I hope I have enough energy to eat when it’s done. Being this short of breath really sucks. And…the more I move, the more my left lung and arm hurt. I am having a hard time getting enough air to sigh.

Darn it, a bunch of what I wrote disappeared again. I am not amused with the WP app. I have noticed that comments are also iffy. I OK them and they don’t show up. I answer them and the words are never to be seen again. I give up for now.