Today is Stake Conference. Today’s meeting is in the ward building that I am very allergic to. Each time I go there anyway, I say I won’t do it again. It makes me sick for days šŸ˜¦ Of course today would also be the day I woke up with sinuses full of yellow snot and it feels like someone slugged me in the cheek bones. The roots of all my teeth hurt. My eyeball sockets feel like they are being pierced with ice picks.

Then there’s the other stuff. Every time I move around, I am so short of breath that my chest is on fire. Then I feel like throwing up. And wouldn’t you know it? This is one of those days I need to use the bathroom every few minutes.

I feel sooooooo guilty! I already missed stake temple night. I love listening to stake conference talks. I keep feeling torn between going or staying home. Then I started thinking. I didn’t go to the free brunch this morning IN THIS BUILDING, because I felt too sick. Would I go grocery shopping today? No way! Would I want visitors in my apartment? Forget about it! If Heather and the kids came over to take me out to dinner, would I do it? Sadly NOT. So what’s my problem? Why can’t I just decide that since I feel awful and the building would make me sicker, that I am excused? I wish I would quit wallowing in guilt šŸ˜¦

I can hear a flurry of elevator use. Some of it is probably folks on their way to church. Sigh…I wish I could be there by internet. Maybe. I don’t have either TV or radio going because I have that feeling that “my ears are bleeding”. I say that not because blood comes out, but because my ears are so sore that I can’t stand noise.


When the heat is off and the window is open. This is Olive’s first choice for warmth. When I dare to move a little, I get THE LOOK.


Olive got huffy when I took her picture, so she moved further away to a soft spot where she can take turns napping and giving me THE LOOK :-p