The side that droops the most is still swollen up.

The stomper woke me up out of a deep sleep at 12:30 AM Thursday. I was in the middle of the most drenching night sweats since my hysterectomy. I got up to pee and crawling back into bed was just nasty šŸ˜¦ My pillow, sheets and quilt were soaked. So was the CPAP mask headgear. Since I sleep with no heat and the window open, the wet bed was cold when I got back in it. YUCK! But I was too tired to get up again and change covers.

Then around 6 AM she started again! I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Twice I went looking for the manager today, but he wasn’t around when I was. Since I got home I have been sitting here like a lump, trying to get some strength back. It’s still missing. I even took the easy way out for supper. I baked fish and sweet potatoes. No preparation required.

Well, now it’s Saturday morning. I never got up to pee during the night and I didn’t have night sweats. I woke up painfully swollen all over and my pee was a weird brown color. I drank plenty of water yesterday, so that’s not the problem. My lungs are wheezing loud, one of my eyes was glued shut and had to be pried open. My entire digestive system hurts. Now what??? I feel awful šŸ˜¦

On a lighter note, I am watching CBS Morning. Mike Gordon from Phish is on. I went to Goddard College when the band members from Phish were also going to school there. Jon Fishman was a chubby kid that I often ended up swimming near at an indoor Barre pool. He wore Speedos and was always alone. I felt sorry for him because he looked lonely. He seemed to blossom when he became a “Big Brother” for a kid named Ian who was part of the Single Parent Program that Heather and I were in at Goddard.

I will never forget Halloween. Fishman played in the band naked…but spray painted. I got 2 year old Heather to fall asleep in our dorm, had someone watch her and spent a few minutes at the barn wandering around at the party. I thought the music was obnoxious and went home :-p

Jon was brash and Trey Anastasio was much nicer and laid back. Page was nice, too. I don’t remember much about Mike. I grew up near Syracuse, so remember talking to Jon about that. His father was a dentist in Syracuse. His mother ended up going on with the road with them. She was kinda rowdy. I can only assume that Jon took after his mom more than his dad. I was absolutely stunned when I opened the Sunday paper years later to read that Phish was the #1 top grossing traveling band in the US. I didn’t like their music.

Trey grew up to be a nice man. Last I knew he was living in a home in Vermont with his family. He was teaching and encouraging youth, doing charitable stuff and playing much nicer music šŸ™‚ I always get a blast from the past when I randomly see the Phish guys.

Three hours after I woke up, I finally had to eat in self defense. My meds were messing with my stomach. I had a grilled everything bagel with roast beef, cheese, sauerkraut and olives. No, not that Olive. The roast beef has been languishing in my freezer since January. I go for long spells of not being hungry for beef.


Olive almost always gets miffed when I take her picture. She actually licked up all the sauerkraut juice. Hmmmm…..