I had a hard time remembering what time to show up! It’s been a long time since I felt well enough to go.

I also went to Smiths for bananas and Trader Joes for strawberries and kefir. Both places had free food to taste. I had 2 pieces of sushi and a slice of English banger with a bit of artisan bread. They also had cups of green juice. It tasted better than it looked :-p At Smiths, when the floral department woman stopped me, I got nervous. I wondered if they had decided to be mad about the door I hit last time. Nope! They have me a free rose! 🙂 I also used my coupon and got a free yogurt.


It’s gorgeous outside. Some people have thick, lush green lawns and will need to mow soon. The sky is very blue. Temps in the 50’s. The buds on the trees are big and wanting to burst.

My head wants to burst, too, but I am trying to ignore that, and the spasms in my back. Olive is in her favorite spot and is oblivious.



Snicker…big yawn when I disturbed the Olive.