The pleurisy hasn’t gone away yet. I was 2 hours late with the Motrin and was back to being SOB, feeling like I have a sword stuck through my left lung. Every time I get pleurisy, I remember the first time it ever happened. I went to the ER in agony and was sooooooo embarrassed when 800 MG of Motrin made it stop. Have you ever had pleurisy? It’s intense. Kind of like pancreatitis was intense.

This morning the maintenance man was here yet again to unclog my kitchen drain. About a week ago I heard that tell-tale gurgling, then soon after, the sink quit draining. I wish people in this building would quit putting weird things down their drains! It stops up my drain because my apartment is the end of the drainage line for half of the apartments here.

I had to take everything out from the under sink cabinets and I haven’t put it back yet. My floor gets filthy from the snake and I end up with a whole pile of wet, dirty towels because the maintenance man does not have his own. Several gallons of cruddy water went all over in the cabinets and spilled on the floor. I appreciate having a maintenance man, but I don’t appreciate all the extra work that each clogged drain means for me. Ick! Here’s hoping that the apartment down the hall will have fewer clogs.

After the maintenance man left, I was feeling queasy. There can’t be much more in me to come out 😦 I didn’t know what to do. Should I hole up or go out and get fresh air? I hemmed and hawed for 2 hours. I would start to get ready, then feel like barfing. Then I would sit still awhile and feel antsy.

I looked at all of my TRAX maps and decided to try a new line. I went on the Blue Line to Sandy and Draper. Probably not the best choice! When I lived in Missoula, Montana, we called the train the Amtrak Rattletrap. I think the blue TRAX has it beat for shake, rattle and roll action. I think sitting sideways to the forward train motion in my power chair makes it even worse. By the time I got to Draper, I just wanted off, but I had to turn around and come back to SLC.

You know what was most spectacular about going south today? Leaves are out on weeping willow trees! Also the grass is greener. The mountains on both sides of the valley are closer than here in SLC and the mountains are whiter with sun shining on the snow 🙂 I wish I could have taken pictures. The train moves FAST when away from the city!

So….now I have been on the Red, Blue and Green TRAX lines. I still need to take Green from SLC to West Valley City to complete my tour. Then I will have to get brave and rich to take the Front Runner train that goes to just north of Ogden or south to Provo. My Paratransit pass allows me to ride TRAX for free. I don’t know if it’s good on Front Runner and I have no idea how much that train costs.

So far, my exploration of TRAX has been interesting but disappointing. Each time I wrote down on my map what stores or parks or other civilization I could see from each stop. Not much. For me, the Red line goes most places I need to go and the Green line will take me to Rancho market or Temple Square. I am not fond of the Blue line because I have to go up a long concrete ramp to wait for the train. When it stops, the driver has to get up and manually put down what they call a “bridge” to go from the high train to the ramp. I much prefer the Red & Green trains because it’s all on one level and self-serve. And…the Blue bridge is only a few inches wider than my power chair. It’s scary going over the abyss!

So, I was gone maybe 2 1/2 hours and got my fill of fresh air and excitement. Now I need a few hours of resting. The best part was no fluorescent lights 🙂 I hope the pleurisy doesn’t get worse from my little adventure. The pain is bearable as long as I stay tanked up on Motrin. The lymphs along my jaw, near my ears and in my neck and the back of my head are all swollen up. I will hope for night sweats to deflate them tonight.

I was just reading this about drugs and autoimmune disease.

After a couple dozen years of prednisone, I can truthfully say I love and hate it. It would take a book for all my reasons. It scared the beejeepers out of me while I was on Cellcept. I was actually glad when I went without insurance for awhile and couldn’t keep taking it. Now that I know I also have an immune deficiency, it’s really good I stopped Cellcept. My NY rheumatologist wanted me on Rituxin. I am REALLY glad now that the VT neurologist said no…he wanted me to stay on IVIg. Of all the disease modifying agents, IVIg has been the most effective with the least side effects. Now, to get back on that! I see the immunologist again this month. I am really miffed that the Utah rheumatologist screwed things up by giving me the pneumonia vaccine without drawing blood first. The antibodies present BEFORE the vaccine is an important part of the CVID diagnosis. Grrrr…I wish I had time to study up before she acted. She is a perfect example of a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing. Since CVID has an incidence of 1 in 50,000 people, most docs never see someone with it and they are clueless.

I wish I knew nothing about autoimmune and immune diseases because I had no need to learn. Sigh… Lately I have had to study up on some really complicated immunology, and I have hardly scratched the surface.

Next time I feel well on a nice day, I want to go to Liberty Park and see if the plants there are waking up. I need more pics of green things 🙂 I also need to head straight for the Family History Library the next time I wake up feeling strong and not queasy. I need to do something that helps me to feel useful for a few hours! There has to be more to life than sitting around, feeling sick.

Olive got new toys in the mail today. One is a laser the other is 4 pieces called cat crazies. The crazies look kind of like milk jug rings. She has been wearing herself out with all the playing.


Each time Olive has rested enough, she crawls all over me and meows until I get the laser out again. Oy!