I am not sure if I just left the office of a caring doctor or someone versed in double-speak. I saw the rheumatologist. She said that when she read over my past medical records, that it was a “slam dunk” to diagnose and treat me….until she got the newest blood test results. When my results didn’t show autoimmune antibodies, she sent me to an immunologist.

Everybody now thinks I have CVID. Too bad she blew the pneumonia vaccine challenge by not giving me the blood test for that first. She tried to convince me that is actually in my favor. She claims the immunologist can say I need IVIg to conclusively prove to insurance that it makes me better. Uh, huh.

The rheumatologist says the neuro opthalmologist became a doctor to help people and that makes him too nice. She says insurance will never OK his request for IVIg for me. She says SHE wants me on IVIg, but they would never authorize it for her, either. Then she went on to say that the regular neurologist wants me to get IVIg, but won’t prescribe it because of liability. She says there has been a big to-do because the neuros prescribe it, the patient gets the treatment and insurance refuses to pay. She claims a bunch of people have lost their houses because of this and now nobody wants to be the one to prescribe IVIg. She says she would do it, it would only take a few clicks, but I still wouldn’t end up getting IVIg.

The rheumatologist says the immunologist is the ideal person to prescribe IVIg for me and he will do it this week.

What a bunch of runaround BS! Is anybody actually practicing medicine?

At some point the rheumatologist was going crazy. She said she cares about me a great deal, she has gotten me all these specialist appointments, she FEELS MY PAIN!!! How come I am not more grateful? She says she KNOWS I am very sick. She says I need IVIg, but it’s not HER fault that I am not getting it, it’s all because of the greedy insurance company.

She went around and around and around, saying various versions of the same thing. She says her hands are tied, that even though she knows I have all these autoimmune diseases, she is not ALLOWED to treat them. She says it doesn’t matter that the neuro opthalmologist saw Sjogren’s in my eyes, she can’t treat me for Sjogren’s.

As I have said all along, Utah is an alternate universe. They can see that I have MG and multiple autoimmune diseases, but insurance and liability issues prevent doctors from treating me for them.

After half an hour of this, I asked what about biopsies? That will confirm things like lupus and Sjogren’s. That was fast! I have an appointment to see the dermatologist this week. She also ordered ultrasounds of my knees to find out why they are so full of fluid. That one isn’t scheduled until May.

The best news of the day is that I finally got a dentist appointment and it’s for this week. I am kinda scared. I think he is going to want to pull several teeth. Sigh…between the spasms that break my teeth and the Sjogren’s dry mouth, my teeth are a mess 😦

Soooooo…..Monday afternoon…..one doc appointment down, three more this week.

Ohhhhhhhh…….my head hurts……

Olive has the right idea.