I slept 7 hours, took meds and ate, then slept 6 more hours. I feel better 🙂 Pains had kept me from decent sleep for way too many nights. I needed this…desperately! I put a note on my door at 6 AM to say I was napping. I only woke up at noon because the *itch upstairs was stomping. Now she’s throwing things around 😦

People have been cleaning out the handicap apartment down the hall. I am excited that it won’t be too long until I get to move away from the anger raining down on my head!


The sun has been peeking in and out of the clouds. Olive likes it when the sun is hitting her just right 🙂 It’s amusing to watch her when there’s a whole lot of stomping and crashing going on. She twists her neck and stares up at the ceiling. I imagine her with thought bubbles above her and explicatives being said :-p Olive doesn’t like the anger, either. It’s palpable.

I forgot I was writing. Now it’s 10:30 PM. I haven’t been feeling well most of the day. I finally got dressed after 7 PM so I could take out the garbage and get the last 2 days of mail. Then I promptly put a nightgown back on.

My belly wound is acting up. So are my guts 😦 Thursday when I was on my way home from the hospital, I felt my intestines lift up and flip. I doubt if that’s even physically possible, but that’s sure what it felt like. Something has been wrong in that department ever since. The bloating makes my wound crack 😦


It’s really hard to hold up the apex of the belly wound AND take a picture at the same time. That’s my belly button on the top left of the pic. In real life, it’s on my right. The whole healing area itches like crazy. This is the first picture that shows the dark puckery skin. That’s my new skin trying to cover up where the huge dehisced wound used to be. The rip just under my hand is where it feels like it will never heal. Each time the hernia rips or my belly gets bigger, the skin splits there and starts bleeding again. There is never a moment that I am not aware of that part of my belly. Will it ever end? Will I ever heal?

I am surprised that I don’t feel particularly depressed. I think I am still in shock from Thursday and I have enough problems in the here and now to worry about what-ifs down the road. Not looking forward to the day it hits me and I have an emotional meltdown. I think I must spend an awful lot of time just staring into space.