Not very nice on a Sunday 😦

All of the sudden my skin felt creepy all over. I went to bed and was soon frozen through and through. I had 2 blankets covering me. Usually one is too much. For 4 hours I had chills, but no shivering! The whole time I was curled and clenched up. The pain was intense. My jaw was clenched, my joints were locked and my tendons and ligaments were too tight. I was soooooooo cold!!!! My skin was burning up, but wherever I touched, I got cold goose bumps.

For the last hour, my body very slowly unclenched. I was in a half awake, half asleep very creepy place. It seemed to take forever until I could stretch out. Slowly but surely I began to feel warm. When I got hot, I got up.

Usually massive chills are because of some sort of infection. Is it my belly? Something else? When I woke up, my blood sugar was 156. For me to go high like this generally means an infection.

I want to know what’s been going on with my tendons and ligaments lately. For at least a week now, my left hand’s 4 fingers get stuck in a claw. It hurts to unlock my fingers 😦 Tonight it was both hands, both feet and my knees.

We had a snowy afternoon. Olive watched each snowflake at first. It came down in big, gooey snowballs. Soon it was sticking.