Ow. Miralax is making me bloat out even more. My belly is splitting and my internal organs are trying to be external. I read that this usually only happens in the beginning. After I take Miralax regularly for a while, it had better stop!

I keep starting to cry, but my eyes are too dry. I am back to being swollen and dehydrated. I have gained 20 pounds in 2 weeks 😮 My feet and legs are shiny swollen and I have incredibly awful pitting edema. The stupid lipodermatosclerosis is flaring like crazy. Booger brains!

My lymphs and glands are hard and swollen. The ones along my jawline hurt like heck. My head hurts soooo bad!

I wonder what it would be like to have one pain-free day? Have I ever had one?

Today is supposed to be the nicest day so far this year. I vacuumed and it hurt soooo bad! The nurse told me the cystocele is causing the back pain and is what is making my legs feel even heavier and weaker. Oh. My. Gosh 😦

As I often say, I don’t know how I could ever endure without my faith in God. If He is keeping me around, there must be a reason. I don’t like the pain, but I will keep trying to learn and grow and somehow be useful.

The tree outside of my window is in it’s full glory today. The flowers are gorgeous!

For breakfast, I used up most of my vegetables. I just have an eggplant and a cauliflower left. I also need more fruit and yogurt. I sure hope I feel better today or tomorrow so I can go shopping!

Yesterday I felt like crap, but managed to take pics on the way home.