OK, so I was an idiot 😦 I felt yucky and Ieft home for a couple of hours, anyways. I had many moments of distress, but I just had to see some flowers!!!!

Ugh to Miralax. It makes me feel even worse than my usual queasy. Now I am going to spend my life worrying I am going to have an accident.

I wasn’t outside all that long, but the darn butterfly rash wasted no time in popping out. I feel sun-sick tonight. Ick.

For the last few days my thumb joints have been getting increasingly itchy. Tonight all my hand joints itch. I vaguely remember this happening in the years before IVIg, but I can’t remember what causes it.

Ohhh! Remember the blue ovals on my arms? They are back. I was talking to some women in the lobby, and they noticed. Nobody has ever told me why I get those. I think it’s creepy. All of me itches…both exposed and unexposed skin. I don’t feel well.

Today I vacuumed. It was pure torture. Now that my bladder support is ripping just like my belly hernia, it has at least doubled the pain in my lower back. I wonder how much longer I will be able to vacuum at all?

I feel like every part of me that can swell up, is doing its part. Any empty spaces in me are filling with edema. I am very short of breath.

It was nice to see flowers on this gorgeous day. Since it was so warm, they smelled good, too 🙂

I bumped into someone who used to go to blind school with Rhett. They said he dropped out of school when he left this apartment. Too bad. I always think about Rhett when I visit the temple. I wonder what happened to him???