A woman down the hall from me is a volunteer at the humane society. I asked her about Olive’s drippy eye. She came to my apartment with her friend who also volunteers there. Of course Olive disappeared into thin air. It was just like the day the painters left my door open and everyone tried to find Olive.

My neighbor’s friend got on my bedroom and living room floor SEVERAL times. I was in awe šŸ˜® I moved the couch and tipped the comfy chair up. We looked in all the closets and cupboards. We shook kitty treats and made the furry mouse toy squeak. Nothing worked. We did this for half an hour.

My neighbor went back to her apartment for Pedialite and a syringe. She said to make sure Olive drinks some.

About 5 minutes after they left, Olive struggled out from under the couch. She had been above the fabric liner, in the springs. Geeze!

I have been trying to get Olive a vet appointment. One place said the 20-something of May was their next available appointment! By the time I tried the mobile vet, they were closed for the weekend. The two women gave me some options for tomorrow.

I was freaking out, thinking Olive was going to die. Her eye has watered ever since I got her. Then a couple of days ago, she barfed up a hairball. Then she kept puking. Today she was dizzy.

Several places on the net, it was suggested to feed something stinky like sardines or tuna. I was ecstatic when Olive drank a can’s worth of tuna juice. She seems much better now.

She looks OK now, perhaps. I sure hope so! This is part of what has been scaring me. I have been so sick that every decision and attempt at getting help for Olive doesn’t seem real. Because of my fever and pain, I felt incapable of doing anything or going anywhere. At precisely 3:15 PM, my brain and body came out of the twilight zone and I was able to ask my neighbor for help. When I was most stressed, I wasn’t capable of anything.

There haven’t been very many times I have felt so lost and alone. Geeze…. That was scary! It reminds me of after my first TIA and then stroke. Doctors asked me how old my daughter was, when was my birthday, who was the president. I didn’t have a clue and burst into tears. I was able to think, but not well. When I get like this it’s as if I am an observer of my life, not me.

When those women came in my apartment, I panicked big time when Olive couldn’t be found. All I could think of was that she had crawled off to die. I used super-human strength to move my bed, couch and chair. Oh. My. Gosh! Now my hernia and cystocele hurt pretty bad šŸ˜¦ All day I was in the bathroom. Now I feel like barfing out anything that might be left.

I need a keeper. I don’t feel like me. Prayers needed for Olive.