Yesterday…or maybe it was the day before? Olive fell off the ottoman. On her way down, she stuck her claws in my leg. I remember being surprised it was still leaking last night. Just now, I noticed it again today 😦 This is my lipodermatosclerosis leg, so I didn’t realize the skinny part was swollen. Back when I had congestive heart failure, the slightest bump would start my legs draining. Sigh…I thought I was done with that stuff!

Last night I was in systemic draino mode. I woke up every two hours with a full bladder AND, I stayed soaked in sweat all night. Ick!

Today the gut distress really sucks 😦 Something new hurts to the left of my belly button. That’s weird because most pain is to the right. My belly has been super swollen all day.

The good news is that the wound site isn’t bright red….but then my belly infections rarely looked all that bad from the outside. Grrrrrr……it hurts sooooooooooooooooo bad! After numerous phone calls, I finally reached the folks with the hyperbaric chamber for wound healing. I have an appointment for next week. Can I make it? I feel ready to come unhinged NOW.

It’s 77 degrees outside and I am wearing pants, a heavy shirt, and am covered with a blanket. I am so not found of the daily chills! My face and most of my skin is burning up. My hands and feet are ice cold.

Just now the wind came through very strong. At first I thought the reason the sky looked so bad was rain. Then I realized breathing hurt REALLY bad. I jumped up to close the windows to find them covered in fine sand. I am soooo screwed! My chest hurts like crazy. We are having a massive sand storm 😦 Hurry up, rain!!!!

Today is like some horror movie for me. My neck is still swollen. Swallowing still hurts. My jaws crunch and crack when I open my mouth. When I smile, my lips crack and bleed. The back of my head is way puffed out. I ache all over. And yesterday my left breast started hurting. Today it’s way worse.

I am not sure if I want prayers to live or die. I like living so I can talk to and see my daughter and grandkids. I like living so I can look at and experience nature. I know being alive means more chances to learn and do things. I just want my body to stop hurting so much! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!