I was in the kitchen cooking when it sounded like a bomb went off. I saw a huge flash, then several billows of smoke. I called 911. It looked like this was all coming from the weird interior design place. There is now a fire truck out there. I can still smell acrid burning something.

Well, I heard lots of loud voices in my hallway so I went out to see what they knew. Apparently a transformer blew up, and it and the top of the pole, fell on a car. I called 911 at 2:41. Now it’s 3:17 as I write this sentence. My chest still hurts REALLY bad. I had an EKG this week that was OK. Dang, it hurts! It has never hurt like this before.

I guess I needed the distractions of my doc calling me and a transformer blowing up to keep me from thinking about my daily misery this week. Oy!

My doc wrote back again to say he is going to give me three IVIg’s in a row. Then one every 3 to 4 weeks after that. YES!!!!!!!!!

Darn it! Now my gall bladder is hurting :again. I wonder what they saw when they looked at my organs yesterday with the CT?

Olive disappeared after the explosion. Wish I could go hide, too.

I got my wish. I went to bed before 5 and just woke up after 10 PM. The chills were intense and then my spine hurt so bad that I couldn’t sit or stand. It wasn’t much better lying down, but I finally fell asleep. The spine pain came out of nowhere. Makes me think this is at least partially a West Nile Virus flare. I wondered that before, now I am pretty sure it is part of the mix.

Darn. I never took my temperature tonight. I woke up to a crockpot full of food and had a bowl. I cooked a package of ground pork along with a roll of bacon sausage, then drained off the fat. I added 3 packages of lentil casserole mix, a can of tomatoes, a quart of vegetable broth, 3 zucchinis and 3 bunches of Mexican green onions. The lentil packets were things made by missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints last Thanksgiving. They were given out through the food bank. I didn’t get any in my food box, but some people did. I grabbed some cast-offs from the free table. With some freshly grated pepper and some Krazy salt, it’s not bad. The main ingredients are lentils and rice, plus it has some dehydrated vegetables.

My body is in tough shape. This nightly stuff had better be over soon. It is really awful 😦 The good news tonight is that I had night sweats and woke up soaked. Now my joints don’t hurt so bad.