I feel sooooooo sick. I woke up with my guts in turmoil. I was also very hot, yet my apartment is cool and my temperature was only 97.1. I had to stick my head in the sink to cool down. It’s raining and 40’s outside, but I have both windows open so I don’t feel so hot. My body is nuts 😦

All I want to do today is quietly rest! I am already dreading this afternoon/evening. I don’t want to go through hours of torture again and again and again 😦

I don’t have a clue what to do to feel better. If I had my own prescription pad I would prescribe IVIg and a prednisone dose pack. I hope the blood cultures will show no weird infections.


Before 10 AM this morning, my doc called to ask how much IVIg I normally get. I looked up the specifics and told him the dose and premeds. He said he is setting it up now!!!!!!!