I was scared about having blotting paper put under my eyelids, but it didn’t hurt. A guy came in and put numbing drops In first. One eye was a 2, the other one a 5. Normal is 15.


The neuro opthalmologist said I need plugs in my eyes. I told him I would rather wait and see if the IVIg makes my eyes juicier like it did last time my Sjogren’s got bad. He said we can wait and see, but I can come in any time for the punctual plugs.

The details have been worked out for insurance to cover IVIg. My insurance caseworker made it sound like there will be lots more extra paperwork to keep getting IVIg. Sigh…… Now I just have to wait for the infusion center to buy my immunoglobulin and schedule me.

I have to see the rheumatologist for my dry mouth and swollen parotid glands. Bummer.

While at the doc office, my afternoon chills started. I made the student doc feel how cold my hands are. The tech asked why I was so red. I told him lupus and my daily fever.

On TRAX, coming home, I was shivering so hard that my 400 pound wheelchair was moving around. Everybody in my car was staring at me 😦 Each time I yawned, I shook ten times harder. I was sooooooo cold! The temperature was 50 degrees.

Under my fingernails was a ghostly lavender color. When I got off TRAX, the shivers had aggravated my right side tremor. You should have seen me trying to keep my hand on the joystick!

Now that I am home, I am having the worst chills yet. It seriously feels like my ribs are going to break. Tell that elephant to stop kicking me in the back of the head! His friends are all sitting on my chest. I was so SOB after my shower! Again, my heart beat went up to exactly 120 to keep my oxygen saturation at 97%.

I have on a heavy t-shirt, long underwear, a thick fleece robe and the heat is turned on. OMG! Sooooooooo cold! Sooooooooo much pain! Gosh, my mouth feels cold, but my temperature is 102. Really…..how much more can I take?????