I have had LOTS of phone calls. The nicest was a guy nurse with the infusion center at the hospital. He was going to send an ambulance, then thought better of it. He decided to send a home health care nurse and IV antibiotics to my house as soon as possible.

Today’s chills are worse than ever. I am frozen through and the through and shivering like a cartoon character. This is the queasiest I have been. I thought I had already reached the summit of queasiness, but nope. I hate that all over very sick feeling! How the heck can I hurt so much? It feels like things are twisted around in my abdomen. It hurts to pee, but I don’t have a urinary infection. I am sooo done with all this!

I took Motrin and drank a frozen smoothie. I am still burning up. Around 6 PM the hospital courier brought a week’s worth of IV Ertapenem that I put in the fridge. At 8 PM a nurse is supposed to come here, access my port and give me a bag of antibiotics.

The burning up phase is easier than the relentless chills. But I feel sooooooo sick 😦 Just now I changed into a thin nightgown, opened the window and put the fan on me. My guts are more painful tonight than they have been all along. I am miserable. Hopefully I will get better quickly with antibiotics.

So much for the blood tests. Apparently nothing works right diagnostically with me. They showed no infection, just like every other time. If I didn’t keep fighting for myself, nobody would listen, nobody would care.

I just got a letter from the neuro opthalmologist saying the infusion pharmacy refuses to give me IVIg. He wants me to get letters from past docs saying it helped me. Here we go again. I will call the insurance caseworker tomorrow because she already promised it would go through!

I feel sooooo worn down! I need an advocate. It’s hard to fight for myself when I feel so wiped out and sick.

While I was waiting for the courier by the front door, everybody who saw me said I looked feverish. Understatement of the week!