I spent the morning digging through medical records and faxing doctors who have given me IVIg in the past. I had to write out the message from my neuro opthalmologist by hand on each one. It took up one whole side.

He wanted each doc to write down what my diagnosis was and how the IVIg improved me.

I called back the insurance caseworker and asked what happened to the IVIg she had promised. The right person never called back.

My home healthcare nurse came and administered today’s bag of antibiotics. After she left, I put on my heavy, warm clothes and turned on the heat. My lips were purple and I was shivering. I am still covered in goose bumps.

Then the nurse who had just left, called. She said my IVIg was approved, it should be delivered to my apartment soon, and I will probably get the infusion tomorrow. I will believe it when I see it!!!!!!!!! The prescribing doc hasn’t said anything today. I sent him an email.

And….I quickly switched from purple and shivering to red and burning up. My temp is 101.1. Sigh…..

Late this afternoon, the wheelchair company called. The guy will be here Friday.

I am ohhhhh, soooooo ready to feel better now!