I finally need them and they won’t give me a ride. My “conditions” are that it has to be below 40 or above 80 degrees for me to ride. It doesn’t matter that my wheelchair is broken, I have a fever and am in tough shape.

Did I even mention the wheelchair yet? Yesterday it started squeaking. Some guy came up to me and said the wheel is crooked. When I got done at the hyperbaric wound center, I called the wheelchair company. They said I had to make it home in order for them to help me. I was scared the whole way. Then they said someone would come here today. No one has showed up yet. It’s probably something that requires weeks to order parts 😦 How am I going to get to doc appointments, church, groceries?

How can so many things go wrong at once???? I guess I will have to take a cab and use my walker. I can barely stand 😦

Of course I am going to my internist that is at a hard to get to clinic that requires 2 buses to get to, plus a bunch of travel. Geeze, this has been a difficult month!