The IV antibiotic is doing its thing. The fever is fading away. As I feel less pain and distress from chills and fever, I feel way more pain in my abdomen. I couldn’t sleep much last night because of it. The doc is worried I might have a connection forming to my bladder.

While reading the CT scan report, I found a glaring error. It states “obtained following the protocol administration of nonionic IV contrast material AND positive oral contrast material.”

Bull crap! I never had an IV and I didn’t drink anything. Almost every sort of report has major inaccuracies.

I got a good report today šŸ™‚ Yesterday the home health nurse drew blood for a lipid profile. My total cholesterol is in the optimal range šŸ™‚

My brain is burned out from all the healthcare wars lately. I keep getting OK’d, then the next minute denied for IVIg. It has gone back and forth so many times that my head is spinning.

Good news is that Jesse came and fixed my wheelchair! At first he thought it needed a new motor and a new axle. Then he took the wheels off. The 4 big bolts that attach the motor to the wheelchair on each side were loose. Like half an inch loose on all 4 bolts on the crooked side. The other side wasn’t that loose. I think the wheelchair wasn’t put together very well! Now that it’s fixed, the chair goes faster and turns easier. Nice to have something be way better than my expectations! šŸ™‚

I am physically and mentally exhausted. Must. Get. Sleep!