The pain got overwhelming. People in my support groups telling me to go to the ER right NOW got overwhelming. I got as far as the lobby of my apartment and burst into tears from pain. I fled back to my room. The support group people said quit messing around, call 911. I took TRAX.

I rarely have faith in the ER being helpful, but I am giving them another chance.

Got here and had to pee. I passed gas through my bladder 😮 It stung sooo bad! Now it feels like I have been cut with razor blades in my urinary tract. This whole thing sucks big time.

All the hospital folks have been extremely nice to me. I just keep crying. They are going to do blood tests and send me a surgeon or two to talk to. Each doc wants to give me narcotics. I keep saying no. If my guts turned to cement now, with all that’s going on, I would go insane!

I still have the partially collapsed lungs. The doc said he can’t hear air in the bottoms of my lungs. I told him my abdomen hurts too much to breathe deep…and has for quite awhile now.

I will post updates if anything new and exciting happens.