I got a bunch of new test results sent to me tonight. There’s a lot more wrong with me than I was told. I have metabolic alkalosis. Apparently it’s a consequence of gastro-intestinal problems. Isn’t this a YIKES!? That causes weakness and the cardiac arrhythmias that were making the monitors to go nuts.

My total venous oxygen is 8.7. Normal is 17 to 24. No wonder I have the symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and mental status change! It’s a miracle my brain cells are working at all!

There are also THREE fistulas on the last CT scan. The one I didn’t know about exactly correlates with the mystery pain near my belly button…maybe even the bleeding? It says it goes from the middle of my transverse colon to my ventral wall hernia. That explains why several doctors spent so much time looking at and poking me there. Why didn’t they tell me? I think one guy did, but I thought he was the one who was confused.

And now I know why the surgeon had to go and stick his finger up my butt 😦 The CT report says I have a rectal tube. Docs asked me if I had one yesterday. I said no, they only stuck a tube in my butt to put in liquid for the CT scan, then they took it out. Oh! The importance of precise wording and the frustration of the same name for things both temporary and permanent!!!

For the fistula to the bladder, they saw air between the fistula and the bladder last week on the CT scan. That’s what got worse and made air come through my bladder yesterday.

There is thickening of the sigmoid colon due to infection.

Again, the report mentioned multilevel disc disease, most severe at L2/L3, with severe discogenic sclerosis.

Considering this and all my other maladies, I think I am doing remarkably well 🙂